Electrical Service

Electrical System

It may be shocking, but without your car’s electrical systems, many other components would cease to function. They can impact everything from your engine’s performance to system controls like headlights or even your vehicle’s air conditioner. Electrical issues could be as simple as a dead battery or as complicated as pinpointing a short in a complex wiring harness. The certified technicians at Brink Motorsports will get you powered up in no time.


The alternator charges your battery and maintains current to the electrical system. A malfunctioning alternator will not charge your car’s battery.


The battery powers every electrical system in your vehical. If you need a jump-start or your headlights diming, your battery may need to be replaced.


The ignition switch sends power to accessories and components. With a faulty ignition, your radio, lights and starter may not function.


The starter’s job is to get the engine running. A malfunctioning starter could result in your car’s failure to turn over when you turn the key.

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