Steering and Suspension

Suspension System

Your steering and suspension are two of the most critical systems that ensure the safety of your vehicle. If these systems don’t work properly or have a component failure, it could quickly become a critical safety issue. Brink Motorsports’ steering and suspension services include power steering system repair, rack and pinon repair, wheel alignments, shock and strut replacement and complete suspension repair. If you experience vibration, noise, difficulty steering or control issues, it could be serious. Bring your car to us; we’ll make sure you drive away safe and satisfied.

Power Steering

The power steering pump provides power steering assist. Difficulty turning the steering wheel or whining noise when turning may be a developing problem.

Rack & Pinon

Your cars’s rack and pinion components are a critical part of your steering system. If your steering feels loose or uneven, bring it to Brink for an inspection.

Shock & Strut

The suspension absorbs road shock, providing a smooth ride. A noticeable unstable or bumpy ride may be worn out shocks or struts.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignments are important to decrease tire wear and keep your car driving straight. Hitting holes and curbs can throw off your wheels’ alignments.

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