Engine Service

Engine Diagnostics

Our Certified Automotive Experts have the ability to do a diagnostic computer scan and run hands-on tests to determine the specific cause of a check engine light. Brinks’ technical experts will be able to figure out whats troubling your vehicle. Whether you’ve just noticed the check engine light or maybe it’s been on for a while, bring your vehicle to the professionals at Brink Motorsports for an evaluation.

System diagnosis

Brinks’ state of the art diagnostic tests help reveal problems with your car’s engine, transmission, fuel injectors and ignition.

Timing Belt

The timing belt keeps your vehicle’s engine in sync. Brink recommends belts be replaced every 60k-90k miles.

Head Gasket

Overheating, losing pressure, or coolant mixed with the oil? Your head gasket may need to be replaced. Brink technicians can troubleshoot the problem.


From superchargers, suspension upgrades, full exhaust systems or adding a performance intake, bring it to Brink.

Exhaust System

The smell of fumes inside the car, loud exhaust or rumbling can be a sign of a failing catalytic converter or exhaust. Let Brink take a look.

Oil Leaks

Losing oil or stains in your driveway might be a sign of a leak. This can result in engine failure. This should be addressed immediately at Brink.

Our service team is here to help. To schedule your next service, visit or call us today.