About Us

Brink Motorsports is an automotive service company started by an Audi and Volkswagen enthusiast a little more than a year ago. The owner/operator Michael Brink, has worked in the automotive industry for 14+ years exclusively at Audi and VW dealerships, but now has decided to bring the dealership service expertise without the dealership costs to the Austin, TX area.

The business was started in the garage of Michael Brink and shortly grew to a facility in North Austin and also has expanded to become Austin’s only APR dealer. And Brink Motorsports is growing even further, with more service bays and a staff that has also worked and been trained by factory dealerships. With extensive factory training in many different fields such as engine repair and diagnosis, transmission repair and diagnosis, automotive networking systems, etc., there isn’t much out there that our team cant fix.

The future for Brink Motorsports is filled with even more possibility, thanks to the partnership with great performance parts companies such as APR and Active Autowerks. We now can not only service your Audi, VW or BMW, but we are also a great place to get your performance needs met as well.

We can perform software upgrades for your Audi or Volkswagen, suspension upgrades, forced induction upgrades, exhaust or intake system upgrades. Not to mention that we do fabrication work as well, so if there isn’t an exhaust, intake or intercooler that isn’t out for your car, we can make one for you.

If you have any questions about your vehicle feel free to give us a call.